How We Add Value to Your Property

Adding value to a residential block property

G Q Property Management has been successfully involved in residential block management London and the neighbouring counties for over 30 years. The proper maintenance and care of residential property is one of the most important tasks that every owner knows will add significant value to their investment. Handling both the routine, and the regulatory service and repair schedules of a large scale property block, requires professional experience and expertise.

Our extensive infrastructure and expert planning provides residential block owners with the complete property management service they require to:

  • Maximise  rental return on an ongoing basis
  • Attract the right tenants for their quality standard of property
  • Protect and grow their investment and assets over the long term

Bespoke solutions to every day issues and for each different property type

Our enduring commitment to providing a comprehensive property solution for the many diverse demands of residential block management in London is aimed at ensuring absolute peace of mind for the block owner who knows that their property is in secure and responsible hands.

We understand that every property is different and each can present a set of individual challenges, which require their own bespoke solutions to every day tenant issues. Each of our clients knows that our flexible approach means that we can provide unique, tailor-made solutions for each different property type, from a single block of flats to large-scale, mixed tenure housing.

Customised approach ensures a property will be looked after

A key benefit of providing a customised service is the management schedules, which are based on the specific requirements of the owners, the actual size of your property and its amenities plus all other specialised features. By adopting a personalised approach ensures a property will be looked after in the exact manner demanded by the most efficient and effective methods.

Our pre-planned procedures and processes, ensures that we always deliver on every aspect of a professional residential block management service expected in today’s fast-evolving property environment. Our focus is always on providing the specialist knowledge, experience and, crucially, devote the time needed, which many property owners may be unable to find on a daily basis.