Property Management – Safeguarding Your Investment

Full service property management has never been more important in safeguarding an investment into a block property portfolio. Individual owner landlords or large residential property groups who are focused on running their business recognise that they need to engage expert property management professionals who will protect their growing investment assets.

G Q Property Management has more than 30 years hands-on experience and specialist knowledge in delivering a 360 service, handling routine duties, regulatory compliance and repair schedules at the highest standards, at all times. Our clients are assured that we will maximise rental return and match the right tenants to their standard of property.

Key duties and responsibilities

Provision of a comprehensive property management service involves a number of key duties and responsibilities aimed at ensuring peace of mind for landlords and companies who know that their property is in safe and secure hands. 

Our end-to-end services include:

Rent /Service Charge Collection, Arrears and Income Reports

  • Preparation of all annual Service-Charge budgets
  • Preparation and administration of Service Charges and Ground Rent
  • Mediation services for property disputes
  • Serving notice to existing leaseholders
  • Pursuance of leaseholder arrears and debt collection
  • Providing the annual reports of income & expenditure

Compliance, Obligations and Insurance

  • Advising on compliance with the relevant leasehold obligations
  • Compliance advice with all statutory obligations (including notices)
  • Maintaining adequate insurance policies
  • Settling with contractors and invoicing

Property Maintenance, Safety and Security

  • Inspection of Common parts, as agreed with client
  • Repair and Maintenance, as per Freehold obligations
  • Fully dependable gas safety, fire and security checks
  • Regular servicing of lifts
  • Car Park monitoring